Pro-Swastika Alliance claims religious racism by group demanding legal ban on swastikas

Thursday 16 July 2015 - 04:01:05
LAS VEGAS, July 16 – Following a July 14 press conference held by Long Island, N.Y. rabbis and local politicians seeking a legal ban on public displays of the swastika – including banners featuring the symbol that were flown by the ProSwastika Alliance over public beaches last week – the Alliance countered today with its own statement.

“The non-Nazi-associated swastika has been revered for millennia by cultures worldwide as a symbol of peace and good will,” said Thomas Kaenzig, Raelian Guide and president of the alliance. “It’s found in thousands of temples and monuments across Asia, in the United States in pre-Nazi-era historical sites, and even in century-old sites in Israel. In fact, the swastika had only positive meanings since ancient times until the Nazis dragged it through the mud. My organization’s mission is to restore the original, positive meanings of this symbol and permanently eliminate its association with 20th century thugs.”

Passing a legal ban on public display of the swastika would infringe upon the religious rights of millions in the United States, Kaenzig pointed out.

“It would also send the wrong message to cultures that have never associated the swastika with Nazis,” he said. “This is a discriminatory, unconstitutional initiative. In cases like this, we'll go all the way to the Supreme Court to protect the millions of Hindus, Buddhists and people of other religions who also use this symbol. Asking legislators to ban public displays of the swastika is diametrically opposed to freedom of expression and to the freedom of religion this country is based upon.”

The Christian cross has been associated with destructive deeds for centuries, Kaenzig stated.

“If there’s a symbol that equates with massive crime and genocide, it’s the cross,” he said. “It should be the first symbol to make Jews irate since they’ve been tortured and ostracized for centuries by Christians. Other horrors also have been committed under that symbol, including the Inquisition and genocides against the indigenous peoples of the Americas. And the Ku Klux Klan adopted the burning cross to mark its evil deeds. And what about the Star of David? Should Palestinians ban it because Israel is still carrying out atrocities against them? The cross and Star of David aren’t banned for the destructive things done in their name. What applies to those symbols must apply to the swastika as well!”
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